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The Song Currently Playing in My Head

This time of year makes me think of a lot of things, leaves, pumpkins, apples, apple cider, apple pie...lots of apple-y things. But, what I can't get out of my head since the weather and leaves have started changing is Bo Burnham's song White Woman's Instagram from his album Inside. Pumpkins only show up a few times in the song/video but I really have been singing this song in my head since fall began. Maybe it's the perfectly curated instagram posts this season demands...who knows...anyway, enjoy!

I love stand-up comedy and I really love when comedians can write super clever, hilarious, and well-written songs. I want my musical comedy to sound so much like a song on the radio (remember those?) that if someone overheard it they would be surprised by the hilarious lyrics and then in awe of my incredible taste in songs and laughs. Bo Burnham does all that and more. Filmed during the pandemic at Bo's home, Inside, is honest, raw, hilarious, and silly. Just like his 2016 special, Make Happy, Inside leaves you feeling as if you have just experienced something so special, so different, it stays with you. My recommendation is to check out each one of his specials, they are all fantastic. As you witness Bo's growth, you may just find some inspiration to look at your own.

Even though I'm not a song writer or comedian, what puts me in the flow more than anything is listening to musical comedy. I love the creativity this genre inspires.

What gets you in the flow? Tell me in the comments.

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