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The Wind Moon

The wind moon (next Saturday, 4/16) is the perfect time to let breezes remove stagnation in your life. Whether that means literally opening windows and allowing fresh April winds to cleanse the heavy, trapped winter energy in your home or if you sit outside and allow the breezes to inspire you to release some stuck or heavy energy within your body, this full moon is all about releasing whatever is still hanging on.

You can also release and move energy with sound. Singing bowls are likely what come to mind first but, in honor of the Wind Moon, why not hang some wind chimes? There is something so magical about the tinkling of wind chimes in a soft breeze. You can imagine any energy you're ready to release being picked up by the winds and dispersed through the sound of the chimes. You need only to sit quietly and settle into the sound of the chimes, setting the intention that whatever is ready to be released will be so. Once you feel everything that was ready to be released has gone, imagine connecting to the Earth with your feet to ground you. If you are outside, step barefoot into some grass, if possible, and breathe.

You may wish to meditate or work with crystals associated with the element Air. You can program these crystals to help you with anything you would like to release into the winds.Here are a few to get you started. Placing these stones outside (in a safe place) on a windy day will allow the stones to pick up wind energy, enhancing your intention.

Angelite - a beautiful light blue stone can also help you connect to angels/the celestial realm, call in your guides, and increase your psychic connection. The stone encourages speaking your truth and is a powerful stone for healers.

Celestite - another gorgeous light blue stone helps foster trust in the divine/your higher self and heals your aura. Though it is a high vibration stone, I sleep with a Celestine cluster on my night stand every night. It's important not to leave Celestite in the sun, the color will fade

Fluorite - one of my absolute favorites, being in the presence of fluorite makes me so happy. Below is a photo of my fluorite sphere, she sits on my desk while I work every day and sometimes I carry her in a large pocket. Fluorite dissipates emotional trauma and absorbs negative energies from the environment. Meditating with or carrying fluorite can help you release whatever is no longer serving you into those winds I keep talking about.

My lovely fluorite sphere, I would apologize for the cat hair on the blanket but, it's a blanket I made for the cats, and nothing they do needs apologies.

Interested in learning more about the Wind Moon or simply looking for some guidance on how to release what isn't serving you? Join me via Zoom next Saturday, 4/16 at 7pm ET for my next Healing Circle. It's a lovely hour of grounding, connecting with our higher selves, uncovering the answers we seek, and releasing what doesn't serve us. I'd love to see you there! Click here to sign up.

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