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Two Fun Things About Me

Today, I thought I would have some fun and share two things I love that are completely unrelated to my business.

First up, ghost hunting.

My husband and I love watching shows about ghost hunting, we do ghost tours whenever they are an option on vacation, and, we hope to one day join a ghost hunting team.

One of my favorite ghost tours was down in Colonial Williamsburg in 2018. While we couldn't go into any buildings, we walked past multiple buildings known for hauntings, listened to stories, and even spent some time outside of a church asking questions using Divining Rods. The absolute best part though, for a good 20 minutes, I got to hold the spirit box! The spirit box is said to provide a way to allow ghosts to communicate through scanning the radio fields and stopping on a word or words they ghost wants you to hear.

Second, knitting.

I started learning how to knit at the end of 2018. I found a local knitting group and the leader agreed to teach me, I still have a lot to learn but I have made many a scarf and blanket using the trusty garter stitch. In fact, I was so dedicated to learning that I decided to create a temperature blanket for my first big project. For a temperature blanket, you pick different yarn colors for a range of temperatures, then each day you knit a row of your blanket with the color that coincides with the range of the temperature of the day. This gargantuan blanket pretty much fits our king sized bed, it also feels like it weighs 5 pounds! Knitting brings me such peace, I love the sound of the needles clacking against each other and really I love that I can make something with my own hands.

Temperature Blanket - 2019

Tell me two things about you in the comments below!

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