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Veganic Gardening, what's that?!

Here in New Jersey we are definitely moving into planting season so, what better time than now to have veganic gardening expert, Meg Kelly, join the podcast and share her tips for growing a vegan garden?

You might be wondering, "vegan garden? Aren't fruits and vegetables vegan?" Yes, they are, but, as I found out when I tried to start a garden of my own and Meg confirms in this episode, there are a lot of hidden animal products in the things we use to build our home gardens. Soil and fertilizers are major culprits here, as they often include blood and bone meal, likely from factory farmed animals. Meg shares suggestions on composting and Bokashi (a method of almost pickling your food scraps to use as garden fertilizer) as a better option for fertilizing your plants.

About Meg: Meg teaches the Learn Veganic online gardening course to empower people to grow their own fruits and veggies the vegan way, using entirely plant-based fertilizers.

Meg has been gardening veganically for 15 years in backyards, on balconies, and in the countryside, and she helps people grow their own thriving gardens that are animal-friendly and sustainable.

Meg has been actively promoting veganic gardening and farming since 2008, when she co-founded the Veganic Agriculture Network. She launched the Learn Veganic gardening course in 2021 to provide aspiring and experienced gardeners with veganic classes, mentorship, and an online community so they can reach their gardening goals.

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Check out the episode then come back here and let me know: Are you gearing up for a garden? If so, what tips from Meg will you implement this growing season? What surprised you the most?


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