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Veganism is here to stay with Shabari Monica Das of World Vegan Market

Today's guest, Shabari Monica Das has been vegan for 25 years!! Take that, people who think vegans are weak and nutrient deficient! 😉

From her bio: Shabari is the Founder and Manager of World Vegan Market, Leader of the London Vegan Business Network, Founder and Owner of Shabari’s Snack Shack, and Founder and Owner of EthiGreen which is launching soon! She has written a research paper called ‘Green Companies or Green Con-panies: Are Companies Really Green, or Are They Pretending to Be?’ - Published in Business and Society Review, which is a prestigious academic journal.

In the past, Shabari was General Secretary/Board Member of the European Vegetarian Union for 8 years and Council Member/European Liaison Officer for the International Vegetarian Union for 4 years. Most of the board members and council members were also vegan. Shabari’s roles involved international travel meeting with delegates from vegetarian/vegan/animal rights organisations in Europe and USA to discuss how to push forward the movement. All the food provided at the events was vegan.

Shabari has a wealth of knowledge about veganism, green issues, and natural/chemical-free living. She is driven by justice and firmly believes in transparency, fairness, equity and the rights of individuals, groups, and animals. If you’re not already impressed by this, wait until you hear this interview. Shabari isn’t just incredibly knowledgable, she’s warm, inviting, and such a joy to interact with.

In this episode we cover Shabari's vegan journey, her multiple business, the London Vegan Network, the connection between veganism and spirituality, and so much more. Shabari also shares how she likes to spice up her homemade hummus.

To connect with Shabari: Email: Website: Facebook Group: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: @worldveganmarket LinkedIn: Shabari Monica Das, BSc (Hons), MA 🌱ⓋView Shabari Monica Das, BSc (Hons), MA 🌱Ⓥ’s profile EthiGreen: Did You Bring the Hummus is available on all major podcast platforms and here on my website.

If you enjoyed our conversation, tune into The World Vegan Market on Saturday, 4/15 at 9amEDT/2pmBST for a livestream with me and Shabari. This time, Shabari’s asking the questions.

Do you have questions or topics you would like to see covered in a future episode? Tell me in the comments below!


Thinking about going vegan?

If you're interested in going vegan and would like expert guidance, check out my Vegan Voyage 12 week one on one coaching program. We go deep and get into a lot of what I've mentioned above and more. Each week builds upon the last so you're regularly implementing and taking actions where at the end of the 12 weeks you'll be confident in your choice to have adopted a vegan lifestyle, nourish yourself - body, mind, and soul, and address any comments or questions from those in your life who haven't yet made the switch. Get more info here and schedule a free discovery call here to connect with me and see if this program is a good fit.

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