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Weekend Fun!

It’s the weekend! Let’s talk about our favorite ways to have fun. This is an easy one for me to answer since it’s not just the weekend, but still summertime. My favorite summer activity is watching Major League Baseball. Now, you might say, but Kimberly, you’re a NY Mets fan, that can’t possibly be a fun activity for you. I couldn’t disagree more.

My husband is also a Mets fan, for me, this is much better than living in a house divided as all of our happiness and frustration is shared, not directed at each other when one gets smug over a game or winning record. This creates a bond, which, as you know, is important in a relationship.

We had our engagement photos taken at Citi Field and had a Mets themed wedding.

In my days as a pessimist, I would have told you that being a Mets fan was beneficial as you learn very early in life that those you love the most will always disappoint you. Now, I believe that being a Mets fan matters in my life because I have learned that love is unconditional.

My dad is a Mets fan, my brother too, it just feels right. Orange and blue is in our blood. Those of you who are not sports fans may think this is silly, we don’t earn money from the team, we aren’t related to anyone involved in the organization, however, we do get paid. We get paid in excitement, in laughter (Bobby V Master of Disguise still puts me in fits of laughter. Check out the video, I'll wait. We get paid in love for the game, the bond in heartbreak, and in triumph. You don’t have to be on the team to be a part of it.

Here’s me and the hubs settling in for today’s game, Let's Go Mets!!

One of my favorite game day photos with my dad

Tell me in the comments, what's your favorite sports team? If you don't like sports tell me one way you like to have fun.

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I have not watched baseball much ever since the 94-94 strike! I guess you can say I hold a grudge.

We just watched the Mens Baseball game for the Olympics (USA vs. Japan) where they went for the Gold. In case you havent heard the outcome, I won't spoil it.

Thanks for sharing your special day with us! (FYI - My special day was at Walt Disney World!)

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