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What's Your Word?

Every year, I choose a word that I hope will guide me throughout the year. It speaks to something I hope to accomplish or a way I would like to live.

In 2021, my word was magic. Every single day, my goal was to seek a bit of magic. I didn't always remember to seek magic all 365 days but I did for most of them. This made gratitude much easier to tap into and opened my mind and heart to possibilities I hadn't been able to see before. I found a deeper connection to who I am and felt even more called to express that. I was presented with opportunities to use my voice and share me.

This year, my word is transform. In the calendar pages of my planner, I have written "How will you transform this month?" Daily, I think about and then do (for the most part) some small thing to bring forth the transformation I am seeking. In my business, it has pushed me to offer new and different services, services my clients love. In my life, it has me approaching relationships differently, living more authentically, and deepening important bonds.

How do you choose a word?

I listen. I allow the word to come to me, no need to rush it. I'll meditate here and there but mostly, I acknowledge that it's time to choose a new word and I just wait for it to come to me. Trust yourself, it always comes. Your word may surprise you, or, it may not make sense at first, but as you start to use the word to shape your days, things will come together.

It's April, not the start of the year, can I choose a word now?

You sure can. You can start this practice at any point. You don't have to start it on a calendar year, if a meaningful date is approaching, use that as your start date. Or even better, why not make some random day extra special, and when your word comes to you, let that be the start of your year?

Do you have a word of the year? Share it below. If you decide to start this practice, please be sure to come back and share your word!

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