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Who do you admire?

It's day 2 and I was already hung up on what to write about so I used the prompt from today's UBC email. I love how things work out like this because this turned out to be the perfect prompt.

Who do you admire?

I have quite a few people from many different areas of my life that I could write about here, but, I thought I would look at my previous podcast guests and highlight a few of them. Click on their names to go to their podcast episode.

Nathaly Posso Londono - owner and chef at Red's Leaf Cafe in Metuchen, NJ. Nathaly is an incredible chef who leads her life from her heart (hence the title of her episode.) She talks with her restaurant guests about their vegan journey and openly shares hers. She's an activist, having participated in bearing witness and sharing in a final moment of kindness with animals aboard slaughterhouse-bound trucks with the organization Newark Animal Save.

Meredith Marin - Founder and CEO of Vegan Hospitality. Meredith single-handedly made Aruba the vegan-friendly island it is today. I remember visiting Aruba in 2009 as a vegetarian and the choices were sparse, I can't wait to get back there now that Meredith has has worked her magic. Meredith doesn't just work with restaurants, hotels, and resorts, she also trains others to do this work (including me!), effectively ensuring that vegans, no matter where they are in the world, have a better chance of feeling included, seen, and cared for whether they're out for dinner or on vacation.

Sandra Nomoto - Ethical Marketer and Book Whisperer (she has re-branded since her episode launched), I admire Sandra for her dedication to her clients, to asking the tough questions (follow her on LinkedIn), and for just being the overall badass that she is. She doesn't shy away from the motivation she has to improve life on this planet through helping ethical business owners share their messages and products with the world. I feel lucky to know her and to have the opportunity to connect with her through shared groups. One look at the about page on her website and you know you have an incredible person in your corner.

So, there's 3 people whom I admire. I might do this again because it was so hard to choose! I have met some really special people. When I look at previous episodes and at the episodes coming in Season 5, I am beyond amazed that I get to have these conversations with people who are making a real difference in the world. What an incredible thing I get to do.

Tell me in the comments, who do you admire? What is it about them that makes you feel that way?

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02. Apr.

What a great topic and interesting people. I will always admire how wonderful my husband of 57 years was, he was the most helpful person to everyone. Until we meet again.

Gefällt mir
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