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Why I Say No to Fireworks (and why you should too)

Oh Kimberly, don't be such a stick in the mud, you might say, everyone loves fireworks. That is actually not true, in fact, fireworks aren't fun for many human animals and other-than human animals alike.

Here are my 6 reasons to avoid fireworks, in no particular order - I mean both setting them off at home and attending larger scale events.

  1. Our companion animals are severely frightened. Do your cats hide under the bed? Every dog I've ever lived with has either shaken in fear, lost control of their bowels, and/or hid in the tub or some other "safe" space to escape the war they hear raging outside the windows. Some dogs, cats, and horses may bolt when fireworks are exploding, leaving them at risk of being lost, hit by cars, and worse. Smaller creatures like rabbits, gerbils, mice...etc. can be startled to death by the booming of fireworks.

  2. Birds can become disoriented and lose their way, they may not make it home to their nest and their babies will starve.

  3. Shelters and Wildlife groups note an increase in traumatized and/or injured animals during "holidays" where fireworks are common.

  4. Fireworks can be horrifying and triggering for those with PTSD those who are neuro-divergent. Can you imagine subjecting someone to the most terrifying moments in their lives just so a bunch of people can look at some pretty colors in the sky?

  5. They damage the environment. Fireworks are comprised of hazardous and toxic chemicals which wind up in the soil and water where they land, this presents risk to drinking water and local wild animal habitats as well as human residents.

  6. While the U.S. as a country may still be free from English rule, groups of citizens of this country have either never had full freedom or are currently watching those freedoms dwindle. Hardly a reason to celebrate. Even if there were reason to celebrate this weekend, we can do it without causing the distress and destruction noted above.

How can you do your part to protect those are terrified by fireworks?

  1. Stay home - help your companion animals and humans stay calm by doing what you can to drown out the booming of the fireworks. Check out this article from PETA for more tips on how to keep your loved ones safe.

  2. Don't attend local fireworks shows and let your community know why you won't be attending. Communities will stop hosting events if no one is showing up, there is power in numbers.

Have you thought about this before? Growing up with fireworks as a common celebratory event, many of us have not. That's okay, when we know better, we do better, right? How will you take action?

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