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Day 30!

Wow, it's the end of April, which also means it's the last day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. If you remember from the first blog, the goal was to write 30 blogs in 30 days, and I did it! Did you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I have enjoyed writing them?

From new podcast episodes, to vegan tips, to Earth Day posts, we covered a lot of ground this month. I hope you found something valuable in these posts, is there something else you have liked to read more about? I'll be back with daily blogs in July when the next UBC rolls around. Until then, I plan to post blogs weekly. If there's a topic you want to read more about, let me know in the comments.

Tomorrow, check out my new episode with Toni Okamoto of Plant-based on a Budget. Toni knows how to eat vegan affordably and within the time constraints we're all under. Tune in tomorrow to learn more about her and her process (and her cookbooks!)

There's also a Healing Circle on Wednesday at 8pmEDT. Click here to sign up.

Thank you so much for checking into my blogs, whether you were here reading every day and commenting or just reading without saying hello, I appreciate you giving over a part of your day to me. We have lots of options when it comes to what to read and listen to, I'm so honored you've spent some of your time with me.


Upcoming Healing Circles: Wednesday, 5/3 and Sunday, 5/21 at 8pm EDT via Zoom. It's a beautiful hour for you to tune in, tune out, or anything in between! Energy Exchange: $22 Want to know what the Healing Circle entails before signing up, check out this blog.

Thinking about exploring veganism but you're wondering what the heck you're supposed to eat or wear or what it all really means?

Check out my Vegan Voyage 12 week one on one coaching program. We go deep. Each week builds upon the last so you're regularly implementing and taking actions where by the end of the 12 weeks you'll be confident in your choice to have adopted a vegan lifestyle, nourish yourself - body, mind, and soul, and address any comments or questions from those in your life who haven't yet made the switch. Get more info here and schedule a free call here to connect with me and see if this program is a good fit.

If you are looking for this kind of help but in a group program, I am pulling that together now to share soon, so book that free call linked above and put "group coaching" in the notes section.

All sessions, group and one on one, are offered via Zoom. In these programs, I have combined my 20+ years navigating life in a non-vegan world with coach training and healing modalities and have pulled it all together to help you become a confident vegan in 90 days, not bad, right?

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