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More oats?!

sunrise over mountains
Mountains, huh?

Good morning! If you're confused by this photo of a mountain range as the cover photo for (yet another) blog about oats, allow me to explain. The stock images provided by Wix for "oats" are all in bowls with milk or yogurt and since I can't confirm that any of them may be plant milks, I won't showcase them here. So, a sunrise over mountains to represent the most popular time of day to eat a bowl of oats is what we get.

Anyway, here I am, singing the praises of oats, once again.

I wrote about oats not too long (October actually - link below), would you believe that I'm still eating the same type of overnight oats each morning?! Each time I read about oats I learn even more about how amazing they are! Oats contain avenanthramides, which are apparently antioxidants that reduce inflammation! Let's be real, a lot of us experience inflammation and it is not pretty. For me, inflammation shows up in swollen knees and ankles. I've noticed that since I've started eating food made at home regularly and not eating take-out not only is my inflammation way down, my knees, ankles, and feet aren't swelling anymore either. Pretty neat to think that my delicious bowl of oats in the morning has something to do with that!

Oats also help keep your digestive tract "clean" by pulling gunk out as it makes its way through. Oats contain beta-glucan which is what makes them sticky enough to grab onto that gunk. Oats are also a prebiotic so they support a healthy microbiome too.

Need some delicious breakfast ideas? Check out some of my previous blogs/recipes:

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Not a fan of recipes? Check out my podcast interview from January 2023 with Brigitte Gemme of Vegan Family Kitchen. She builds meal plans and has a book, Flow in the Kitchen, which empowers you, armed with a few basic ideas around how to cook, to make delicious, nourishing food without the need to follow recipes.

Do you love oats? Tell me in the comments!

Food talk disclaimer:

***As we here at Did You Bring the Hummus never endorse the use of animals, any comments including animal-based recipes or suggestions to add animal products to a recipe or dish will be deleted, consider this your notice. There are plenty of other places on the internet to post those types of suggestions. Keep it kind and compassionate for all .Thanks! ***

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