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New podcast episode with Toni Okamoto of Plant-based on a Budget

In today's episode, I am joined by Toni Okamoto, the founder of Plant-based on a budget and author of 2 cookbooks, Plant-based on a Budget and her newest, Plant-based on a Budget, Quick and Easy.

From Toni's bio: Toni Okamoto is the founder of Plant-Based on a Budget, the popular website and meal plan that shows you how to save dough by eating veggies. She’s also the author of the Plant-Based on a Budget Cookbook, and the co-host of The Plant-Powered People Podcast. Okamoto’s work has been profiled by NPR, NBC News, Parade Magazine, and she’s a regular presence on local and national morning shows across the country, where she teaches viewers how to break their meat habit without breaking their budget. She was also featured in the popular documentary What the Health. When she’s not cooking up a plant-based storm, she’s spending time with her husband and their rescued dog in Sacramento, CA.

As you'll hear in this episode, I've been a fan of Toni's and her recipes for a while now. The peanut butter tofu, nacho cheese, and fried rice recipes are just some from her first cookbook that have a regular rotation in our kitchen. Especially, the peanut tofu. I often double the recipe and thin it out a bit to turn it into a sauce for a rice or noodle dish, not just the tofu. In her new cookbook, Plant-based on a Budget - Quick and Easy, she has a peanut sauce recipe that fits this need perfectly. You'll hear Toni talk about the difference between the 2 cookbooks, the first one is focused on eating within a budget with very simple ingredients and recipes. In Plant-based on a Budget Quick and Easy, Toni's focus was on saving time (while also saving money, the budget piece is still there!)

I made the sheet pan nachos from Plant-based on a Budget Quick and Easy. They were awesome and took about 20 minutes to throw together! You can definitely get the nachos ready while your oven pre-heats and the cook time is only 8 minutes! Before you know if, you're digging into incredibly flavorful, fun to eat nachos. Whether making this as an appetizer or the main meal, you will be satisfied! Here's a few photos.

To connect with Toni:

Toni's Tips (a few, anyway)

  • Keep trying a new food, it can take multiple tries before you love a food, don't give up! Toni talks about how many tries she had to give brown rice before she realized she enjoyed it!

  • Don't try to build your new vegan kitchen or pantry right away. Spices and condiments can be expensive, start with some spices you will use in multiple recipes. Look for those 50 cent packs of spices to keep your costs down and ensure you always have fresh spices on hand while you're learning what you like.

  • Celebrate your wins - this is a lifelong commitment, help make it stick by focusing on your wins while course correcting where you need to

  • Don't be the person who makes life harder for others - be kind online and in person. We help people go vegan and ourselves stay vegan when we're kind to one another

Did You Bring the Hummus is available on your favorite podcast app and right here on my website. Be sure to check out Toni's episode and any of my previous episodes, there's lots of great chats with incredible vegans. Curious about what you've missed but don't want to just scroll the episodes? Check out this recent blog which gives you a quick run down.

Take a listen to this latest episode then head over to Toni's website to check out some of her recipes and pick up her books. You will not be disappointed!

Tell me in the comments what tip or story Toni shared that resonated with you the most? Where did you find inspiration?


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