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The Magic of 2/22/2022

Today's blog is a bit different than what you've gotten used to as it is not directly linked to veganism, but, hear me out (and, I'll get there!).

In the About Me section of my website, I mention that I am a reiki practitioner, crystal energy healer, and am growing my oracle card reading expertise. So, when I realized this month had some powerful days in it, I decided to put together an online event to incorporate this "other side" of me. On Tuesday, February 22, (2/22/2022) I'm hosting an evening of meditation, self-exploration, manifestation, and expansion.

What does that mean?

Great question! We'll talk about the significance of the date, meditate, pull cards, engage in a powerful visualization practice, take some time to journal, and share our experiences, questions, and anything that came up. It will be an evening full of energy, mental and emotional shifts. If you've been looking for inspiration to change your perspective and anything else that is important in your life, this is the event for you.

"When I am healed, I am not healed alone" - A Course in Miracles

Doing this deep inner work opens us up to healing and opportunities not available to us otherwise. Taking this time and doing this work is not selfish, in fact, by doing this work, it allows us to show up in our lives in completely new ways, presenting opportunities to make improvements and positive change in all areas of our lives including our relationships. As we heal, others heal too, the ripple effect is astounding.

For those wondering: Could making these deep connections also help me on my vegan journey?

Of course! Tuning into the Earth and universe around us makes clear the interconnectedness of us all, including animals used for food. It is a powerful and meaningful place from which to begin your vegan journey.

To sign up or for more information, click here.

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