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Well, that's worth celebrating!

Friends!! I made it! A full month of blogs in a month that wasn't April (see this month's first blog here for what I mean by that). I never quite found a theme but I managed to have something to write about every day (or not, see textless Tuesday). I am super proud of this accomplishment for me and my fellow UBCers who met their blogging goals this month. I am grateful for my friend Paul who runs the Ultimate Blog Challenge for bringing this to my life and always being super encouraging, especially during those months where I started off strong and then petered out. I still can't believe I have written over 160 blogs!

For so long I have seen myself as only an initiator, someone who never finishes anything, so, to complete this challenge feels really good. It's nice to show myself what I am capable of when I commit and then actually take the needed steps to get the thing done.

I'm also celebrating a big milestone for my podcast, Did You Bring the Hummus. Yesterday, I hit 3,000 total downloads! I am beyond grateful. Whether you've listened to one episode, all 72 or somewhere in between, thank you, thank you, thank you. There are 3 more episodes to come in Season 4, stay tuned!!

So, what's next on this blog journey? Maybe I'll try to write twice a week? As I mentioned in yesterday's blog , I am adding vegan hospitality consulting to my business, maybe I'll write some more about that. I'm excited to find out what I'll do, either way, I'll definitely be back for the next Ultimate Blog Challenge in April and there will absolutely be new podcast episodes before that!

I'm updating the blog just a few hours later to add that I am also celebrating completing Yoga with Adriene's 30 day yoga journey, Flow. I cried as I sat on the mat and for the first few minutes of movement, in pure celebration of completing this 30 day journey. A few minutes in as I was transitioning into a new pose I opened my eyes and Adriene was moving into the same one, so, I cried again. We're all so connected through this practice, through these journeys. It's so beautiful. I could feel where my body has gotten stronger but I am also noticing where yoga is helping me shift and grow mentally and emotionally. I am so, so grateful to have found Adriene when I did all those years ago and to have participated in these magical months (and during the rest of the year too!) 

I'll be on the mat tomorrow and I can't wait. 💚💚💚

As I move out of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, what topics would like to read more about? Or, share something you're celebrating! Tell me in the comments below!

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