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In the cards in 2024

tarot cards and crystal ball on a purple mat

For the first time ever, I did a yearly card pull for myself. I've included a photo above of Tarot Cards but I read Oracle cards (haven't yet learned Tarot), so my photo below looks different from the above.

Here's the spread suggestion I used

What I really liked about the above spread, besides it's simplicity, are the 3 cards in the middle. The card of the year, the challenge of the year, and the lesson of the year.

Here are the cards I pulled for those 3.

3 Oracle cards depicting angelic women on a black background

The deck I used for this is an older Kyle Gray deck called Angel Prayers Oracle. I can see the challenges in each of these cards but I'm excited about each one too. How would you feel if these were your cards? What meaning are you getting from them just from looking at the photo? Will you pull out your own deck and give this spread a try?

While writing this blog, I was allowing my inner creator to work behind the scenes too and I remembered a class I had wanted to offer but never did. For those who are new to Oracle decks or would like to try a different approach, would you be into a class that would give you ways to connect with your deck? I'm thinking it would be a one time class for an hour on Zoom in the evening EST. It would include a meditation where we ground together and walk through connecting with a deck to get it ready for use. Just a thought but do let me know if that interests you!

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