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Tomatoes...and more!!

a collection of peppers, tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, and scallions on a grey counter top
Can you even with this beautiful bounty?!

I have to tell you, Jersey summers are something special. You can hike the mountains, swim in the ocean, and occasionally have a good hair day if the humidity isn't too bad. Another thing that makes these days so magical, the abundance of tomatoes (and basil!and peppers!) available at our local farms.

Over the last 2 weeks or so I have been living for sliced tomatoes sprinkled with kosher salt and topped with chopped basil. It's so fresh and really, a party in my mouth. I have eaten this at least once a day, I feel like dancing in my chair just thinking about it.

sliced tomato topped with chopped basil on a white plate

Basil can get a bit wilty so I checked in with my amazing local farmer and asked her the best way to keep it fresh and ready to top those tomatoes. She suggested I submerge the bunches in some water for about 5 minutes (no longer though, basil doesn't really like to swim) then keep it in a jar on your counter with a bit of water to keep it fresh. If it's super hot in your house you'll want to keep your basil in the fridge. Check out my blog on keeping greens fresh, it follows similar advice and includes pictures of tasty lettuce.

basil leaves
Soaked and sitting in a mason jar vase, my basil is already filling my kitchen with enticing aromas

I am definitely going to make tofu steaks and top them with some fried peppers and onions. Oh man, can you smell that already? What a dream!

Did you notice those little brown colored peppers in the first photo? Those are called Sweet Chocolate Peppers and while they may not taste like chocolate they are a beautiful color and have an incredible sweetness. Eat raw in salads for a sweet crunch and interesting color.

What veggies are in season right now where you live? Tell me in the comments below (extra points if you include a picture!)


Have you seen the latest goings on at Did You Bring the Hummus? Here's a quick recap!

The Did You Bring the Hummus Community is almost here and I'm hosting a Launch Party to introduce you to it. Join me online at 7pm ET each night - August 11 - 13th. No worries if you can't join live, there will be recordings! For more information and to sign up for the FREE Launch Party click here.

Meet me in-person at Hello Sunshine's Friday Night Soul-cial. From 6pm-9:30pm, join me for a fun evening all about veganism. Whether you're simply curious about, ready to go all in or somewhere in between, stop by to get your questions answered, enjoy light vegan snacks, and a loving kindness meditation. There will also be brief talks, Q&A sessions, and Oracle Card readings so make sure you register ahead of time!

I'm working on an exciting class on the energy of food which will be held locally in September. More details to come but if that sounds interesting to you, let me know in the comments!

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Aug 05, 2022

We have been going to a farmers market whenever possible here in NY (Finger Lakes) and have been loving all of the fresh veggies everyday too! We found some of the best sweet corn I've ever had and the tomatoes are better than they have been in a long time. We like to drizzle a little olive oil on the tomatoes and maybe a little fresh mozzarella too. So many delicious summer recipes!

- Maria @


Aug 05, 2022

The basil and tomatoes looks like something I would really enjoy.

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