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What’s the point of all of this anyway?

Today, I’m talking about why Did You Bring the Hummus exists. Not the back story, which I shared in this post here but “what exactly it is that ‘I’ do here”

You may by now know that my passion is veganism, talking about it, helping others understand it and understand how to implement in their own lives, but, what the heck does that look like?

I’m so glad you asked…or I asked…

Short answer: In addition to the podcast, where I share my stories, new things I've learned, my opinions, and the stories of other vegans. I also guide people through the transition from animal-based eaters and users to non-animal based eaters and users. You’ll notice I didn’t use the phrase “plant-based” here and well, that’s for another blog.

So, here are the 3 ways I help people embrace veganism:

1. My signature class: Veganize It!

This class is for you if you have an animal-based recipe you absolutely love/can’t live without but you also want to stop eating animals. In a group setting, attendees share their recipes and I help them come up with a vegan version. You then get to test it out, come back for part 2 and tell me how it went. Delicious?! Great! I can help you veganize another recipe. Didn’t do it for you? Let’s see where we can tweak it. This class is offered monthly beginning December 2021.

*** If you have a number of recipes or a secret family recipe you don’t want to share on a group call, you can schedule a one-on-one session with me.***

Coming soon under the Veganize It! umbrella; 90 minute live classes discussing veganizing non-food items, from beauty products to choosing entertainment, we’ll cover all of the non-food things that make up a vegan lifestyle. Classes will be available to purchase as a bundle and as individual events. Beginning January 2022

Ready to go vegan and need more support than just monthly classes? I’ve got you covered!

2. Launching in January 2022, The Vegan Voyage, 8 weeks to vegan, is a group journey where each week we cover a different aspect of veganism and work to implement these changes. This program includes live group calls with me, a private Facebook group for your cohort, and regular Facebook check-ins with me. (Oh, you’ll also have homework) You can view more details on this page here

3. Finally, whether you want to just learn about veganism, want to dive in all the way, or something in-between but don’t want to participate in group events, I currently have 2 open spots for one-on-one guidance.

Tell me in the comments below, if you've considered going vegan or even just learning more about veganism, what's been holding you back?

FAQ (yup, just one for now)

What if someone just wants to change a few things, not go vegan completely?

This person will want to look at the Veganize It series and select the classes for the things they want to change.

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Nov 19, 2021

Veganize it sounds like a brilliant concept. I would love to be more vegan in my cooking - and have cooked some vegan dishes.... I just rarely think of Vegan as my first thought. I love your passion for all things vegan. Sincerely, Julie JordanScott


Nov 19, 2021

Diet is such a mixed bag and a balanced diet and an active lifestyle are my goals.Vegan is not on the plans right now. (Dr.Amrita from the UBC)

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